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FFX Racing is a 3D Shockwave Player racing game developed and published by Officine Pixel in the year 2006. The game is set in the countryside and its objective is to to get to the finish line before any of the other cars, the game has ramps that can help the player jump over and overtake other drivers. The track is a very long one with some obstacles to slow down the player, but overall it's extremely easy considering the fact that there is a ramp that helps the player skip an entire section of the map and overtake the opponents. The game was originally going to be named Speed Racing and it had a slightly different map and car models.

This is the first game Officine Pixel made when Macromedia Director introduced 3D. According to them, this game was part of a bigger project that was never financed, at that time there was a publisher who gave them some money for producing a demo/prototype for evaluating the project and the racing game was part of it.

Game description

FFX Racing is a 3D racing game set in the countryside. Your only chance to win is to get to the finish line before any of the other cars. Use ramps to jump over and overtake other drivers. Good luck!


To drive your car, you use the arrow keys (only the left and right ones) and the Ctrl and Alt keys when wanting to drive forward and backwards If the player wants to brake, they can press the space bar. The W key can be used when wanting to reset your vehicle, although it is extremely glitchy.